Falling Skies 1×01

Falling Skies 1x01

Watched Falling Skies but all I can think about is Futurama and illegal harvesting of human horn. Yeah, I am a horrible person. Besides that, I find it hard to believe aliens who can travel that far to reach Earth couldn’t have their way with us in every way imaginable if they wanted to. Also, actors must have been the first killed because there aren’t many of much merit on the show as far as I can tell. This is no Game of Thrones or Walking Dead or The Killing for that matter. Game of Thrones in particular made me momentarily forget how awful child actors often are. Do like the blonde girl (see picture three) who I think is the same as the girl from Life.

Falling Skies wasn’t bad. More the TNT vibe than an ABC vibe which can only be good. My main problem with it is that it has some odd alien rules stuck in there. I still have no idea why the aliens sometimes show up and sometimes don’t. Seems like they could get at the humans whenever they feel like it only they don’t. Just an odd mix of fighting vs domestics. Domestics are done out in the broad daylight out of cover without fear and the fighting is done at dark when you think they’d not bother with you as much since they can see the caravan all day and attack that if they felt like it. At least with zombies and vampires you kind of know what the rules are. Here…they just seem convenient.


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