This weird thing greeted me the other morning.

Caution. May cause lightning.

Isn’t it completely crazy that we are expected to ignore gut feelings and go out into that to get to work? I was ten feet from getting struck by lightening while crossing the last street to my office. Once again, why are umbrellas made out of metal?

Everyone needs to get on the same page I think.

I tumbl’d this earlier today but I thought I’d put it here too since it turned into a blog instead of a tumblr rant anyway…


She is going to be playing in the Olympics, barring any setbacks, and has been telling people to go to the KC match to see her. Hopefully that means to see her play in the friendly, but either way she will be there. She’s not done with soccer.

As for them replacing her on the WNT anytime soon — she got golden glove at the WC with a seriously jacked up shoulder. Solo not at 100% is still the best in the world. She has a unique body type, work ethic, technique, the best mental game out there, and does stuff I haven’t seen outside of the men’s sport. As much as I like the other GK’rs coming through the system it will take another prodigy to unseat this one and I don’t see one in the chute. Serviceable ones, but no Hope Solo and people could see it in her back when she was 18-23. I could see the backups changing, but no the starter. We are set for the Olympics.

The next WC? Jordan added a fade away as he dealt with a more mature body. This current injury has made Solo find different ways of being the best in the world and it worked. She looks fitter than she’s ever looked and that’s because she has been forced to approach her career differently now. It’s the same kind of second look a maturing athlete needs to take to go to the next level but not all of them do. The fact she is already changing her game is great. I wouldn’t bet against her when it comes to the next WC.

She is still hurt! Not only is she still hurt she dedicated the last nine months of her life to an intense rehab that is still ongoing. If the doctors want her to rest her shoulder for a while I am perfectly fine with her taking some mental health days along with it. Just because she isn’t tweeting about it doesn’t mean she isn’t still working on it. Her last year was something unique to her so if her post-World Cup schedule looks different than other people’s it shouldn’t be a surprise. Everyone is amazed she came back at all and it is because she gave up a lot to do so.

I don’t think anyone looks at her life as selfishly as the fans do right now. No one in the sport questions her time off. They mostly marvel she is still functioning at all at the level she is.

She hasn’t gone Hollywood. Just look at her interview at the magicJack game— She wanted to watch the freak’n game. She’s still the same person. She just happens to be the face of the sport right now. She’s willing to give up some dignity and do anything to see it succeed. The media fairies granted her that role so she has to run with it. Even silly things including dunking George Lopez in a tank (great soccer interview btw), being interviewed by idiots who know nothing about the sport, fielding sketchy questions, and enduring a mob scene and subsequent nastigram tweets directed at her by “fans” as thanks.

our keeper

It is a thankless job only she can do as the media has a short attention span and selective vision. She’s been talking up the sport like a fiend while she can. Not always ideal media spots, but there is the dignity thing again. For a sport desperate for public support and any media outlet at all they are lucky to have people like Hope and Abby and Alex who can handle that side of it without it eating them alive. Have a little more faith in them.