I was organizing my closet after doing some laundry and found I could split everything into 4 categories:

  1. Shirts I loooove and wear all the time (4-5 tshirts)
  2. Shirts that I conciser “dressier tshirts”. I wear these when I go out. Lots of scoop necks or v-necks. (8 tshirts)
  3. Shirts that are actually dressy. I don’t wear these. Most of them were bought for funerals and are black. (7 shirts I don’t wear)
  4. Shirts to work out in or sleep in. (12+ tshirts)

Tomorrow I am going to buy running shoes. Because I’ll be running. I have mastered regularly walking without my knee falling off. Now I feel stupid walking with the old people when everyone else is running. I am going to get the shoes that the USWNT wear to run (“Oh, that’s why,” says sister.). One of the Nike Lunar series. I am racking my brain now….I don’t think I ever owned Nike shoes. All of my shoes in school were off brand because we had no money. One of those I buy half/parents buy half deals where the Nikes were still too expensive. Heh. Well, I’m an adult now and I can waste my money however I want. Lessons from childhood don’t work. They just got me sucky shoes that give me blisters.

Speaking of getting fit, I dl’d that Nike Training Club app. It’s actually pretty cool. I recommend it. It’s free and there is a lot of variety. Should fit into anyone’s day. Plus pretty pictures.


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