Weekly Ponderings

Pho and bubble tea...only bubble tea in town...fairly good. Can't be picky here.

I’ve been reading up on the WPS situation post Cup…guh. What a confusing situation with the financing. World class athletes making an average of $25,000 and having pay cuts and their healthcare coverage debated for next year? “…some WPS players make less than $10,000 a year and live three to an apartment…” Meh. Makes the NBA and NFL lockouts and the overgrown children there seem very silly. It is a good day in the NFL/NBA when someone on your team isn’t trying to take a gun into the airport or bouncing their GFs off the walls. Yet they get all of the fans. Well, I know where my money will be going from now on.

I so want to go to this. Kansas City road trip anyone? I have a GPS now. I won’t get lost on the way. :/

There is always that point in a season of Damages when you want everyone but Patty and Ellen to die horrible deaths. I am. right. there.

I watched ThunderCats episode one at work today in the conference room. Besides there being cats in it (furries, uck) and an over abundance of silly that I left in the past, my male coworkers all liked it. I am not going to begrudge kids their fun, but I don’t think it is for me.

The London rioting is crazy. Don’t know why people would hurt their neighbors like that beyond greed and a general social disconnect. Shop and business owners aren’t rich folk. Burning and stealing is unjustifiable. They aren’t rallying around political buildings or making a political statement through a march. They are just out “shopping” like locusts. Here is a video of an old lady out on the street, cane and all, trying to talk some sense into the thugs who are going over to break into a local shop.


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