Fall TV List

New Shows I’ll Try

The Secret Circle (CW)
Premieres Thursday, September 15, 9pm
Why? Thomas Dekker.

New Girl (FOX)
Premieres Tuesday, September 20, 9pm
Why? Zooey Deschanel

Person of Interest (CBS)
Premieres Thursday, September 22, and 9pm
Why? J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan

Terra Nova (FOX)
Premieres Monday, September 26, 8pm
Why? Dinosaurs

Homeland (SHO)
Premieres Sunday, October 2, 10pm
Why? Damian Lewis. And it actually looks good.

Returning Shows
Dancing with Hope Solo (probably just the training segments…oh my live tv phobia)
Bones (That show is on the bubble for me though. Meh.)
Raising Hope
Dexter (assuming I catch up in time)
Parenthood (See how long I can deal with the drama this season.)
Lost Girl


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