I had a bad day today. Well week. Ok, this whole year went off the rails in February when Grandpa got sick. Anyways, sometimes I like to manufacture happiness in the form of cookies, coffee, and a good color scheme. I love scatter trays and cute mugs and on the wall there are some handkerchiefs of my great grandmothers I like to display as a fake clothesline. In the sidebar I give some directions on how to make your own wall art if you like. A scene like that just settles my spirit for some reason. The order of the universe was just right for a moment and I stole a picture of it.

I’m an adult now so I get to define what that means. It means adult fruit cups, damn it! And no high fructose corn syrup. Just don’t look at those toys in the background…

I actually tried to eat this. Reminded me of public school lunches. The bottle was ginger beer. That definitely wasn’t in the school lunches. I’m adicted to that stuff. Australian. Not quite as good as the home made Cuban stuff I started with, but I am too far from Florida to get any of the real stuff.

Vietnamese Pho and bubble tea. I swear if you have a cold and eat this you’ll get better faster. Heals body and soul.


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