Everything we’ve lost can be found

I’ve been sick for a month. More than a month. It is starting to look like a wheat allergy. At this point I would be happy with that because not eating certain foods is something I already do. And it would mean my long list of symptoms will go away. Need to get the test done, but I am hopeful it will be that one big thing…and not a zillion small things gaining up on me. Anyhow, being sick has made me really mellow. Here is my mellow playlist.

At first they sound like some kind of SoCal 1960s throwback band, but then you hear the lyrics.  “…I never saw the point in crying / Cause I can’t be the way you want / And I don’t want lay around here waiting / Waiting for you to change your mind…” When I am done being sick it will probably seem silly to me, but right now this is on repeat.

“….Sleep with one ear close to the ground / And wake up screaming / When we lay our cold weapons down / We’ll wake up dreaming…Only love can turn this around / I wake up dreaming / Everything we’ve lost can be found / We’ll wake up dreaming”

My reasons for listening to this band are a bit narcissistic. I look a lot like the girl from Lazy Eye. They start to sound a little repetitive after that, but this song stands on its own well too. “it’s everything that is connected and beautiful / and now i know just where i stand / seasons always shift too late / spent too much time now on paths sideways / everything that is connected and beautiful / and now i know just where i stand / thank god it’s over….”

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