I Achieved Vacation

The main highlight of my vacation (besides getting the stink blown off me as they say in the south) was going to see one of my favorite bands play over at La Zona Rose in Austin. I’ve been a fan of The Sounds for years but never thought I’d get to see them. Certainly not for around $20 at a small venue. And an even longer shot…I got five feet from Maja at the end. Yes, she is brilliant in real life. Gorgeous. Wow. So… I took a beer can to the head, already had been spilled on prior to that, had a very handsy girl come on to me twice before I finally ruled off incidental contact and told her off (seriously, uck), and got a few feet from a music idol of mine. It was a full night.

This is a vid of the band opening up.

 Most of the pictures I took were crap, but this one, I gotta say, is brilliant. Heart hand boy was less amusing later. Let’s just say he had stamina with those heart hands.

 I was actually a lot closer than this. The iPhone is crap for pictures really.

I was somewhere on the right there by the front of the stage.

The Limousines were the best opening act of the bunch. The lead singer is such a showman. Definitely go see them if they come to your town. I tweeted about them after the concert and the lead singer tweeted me. *_____*


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