The Amerock Building

I have a love hate relationship with this building. I love it when the light shines through all the broken out windows at about 4pm every day…I hate everything else about it. It is my archenemy building. It’s like a little piece of East St. Louis right here where I live. Not gonna lie though. If someone gave it to me I’d totally do something cool with it. Lofts up top probably with restaurants in the first floor and art studio space to rent out. A proper little creative community. I think I hate it so much because the people who are blocking it’s demolition want to preserve it for being a historical site…which means no lofts or urban planning that would actually help the downtown. Here are some creepy interior shots. Funnest bit of this picture I took…there is a little cartoon “scary eyes” creature in the lower left. I see you.

I found out I am super allergic to ragweed, dogs, cats, and mildly allergic to dust mites. The wheat thing is pending on a blood test.

I am really sad I am allergic to this sweet pup.


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