2011 Top Ten: Scandinavian Invasion

The Sounds? Oh Land? Carpark North? Forbrydelsen? Jaime Lannister. I mean Nikolaj Coster-Waldau? Everything good is coming from our friends in Denmark and Sweden. Norway? Better get your act together. Don’t want to end up like Finland. All they’ve got going for them is that their President looks like Conan O’Brien. Anyway, whatever is happening they seem to have out done their population count in the exportation of awesomeness.

I documented my appreciation of all things Danish here. I think the bigger news of the year was finally getting to see The Sounds in concert. It was a key feature in my vacation down in Austin (yes, I try to line things up like that) and was a great experience. Even the bad bits added to it. The fact my ears were ringing three days later…ah. Oh, and their latest album, Something to Die For, which they mixed themselves sounds GREAT in my car. I’ve not changed it out in a month or gone to my USB option. It is one of the few albums that have put my car’s sound system through its paces. Everyone should give that one a try.


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