2011 Top Ten: Yoon Eun Hye

This has been the year of k-drama. I watched Coffee Prince, Princess Hours, My Fair Lady, Lie to Me…so yeah. Maaaaybe have a girl!crush going on. Just like everyone else who watched Coffee Prince.

YEH started off as a pop star (think Billie Piper) and got her breakout role in the amazing Princess Hours but it was probably Coffee Prince where she really got tested. Pulling off a boyish delivery girl on tv is still pretty taboo in South Korea despite gender bending being a little more common in manhwa. Adding the fact a guy falls in love with him/her? Getting a conservative audience to fall so madly in love with that story is due a large part to her performance. It was a risky move for someone who made her fame by being cute. Chopping her hair off and being sweaty and boyish probably seemed like career suicide…until you see her.

Later roles branched away from that adorkable role she does so well. I say she does pretty good at being a brat too. Not as successful since I think people want her do be adorkable above all else (remember when Harrison Ford plays baddies? I’m trying not to.), but  the Taming of the Shrew type role isn’t beyond her. Lie to Me was probably her worst script she had to work with (the last five plus episodes played out like they were written on set) and yet the overworked civil servant character still managed to be endearing throughout because YEH did everything she could despite the writers making things hard for her. Not sure where she will go from here, but I am hoping she get a show as well written as Coffee Prince or Princess Hours again.


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