Friday Four | 09


Alcatraz | 

I was worried about starting another show like this. Don’t get me wrong, I adored all of LOST and I love Fringe, but a girl gets exhausted, y’know? What Alcatraz has going for it is that it is literally is a Monster of the Week show (MotW) and thus far can be watched like that.  That is more of a “normal” tv format. I think they keep learning their lessons with each show. There are two timelines, but both are about the same inmate so more like flashbacks. I hope it continues like that for a while kind of like The X-Files did. The mythology episodes didn’t start going in earnest until later after you had invested in the characters on a weekly, traditional tv kind of way.

Besides those general positives, I genuinely like the characters. JJ has a knack of discovering great actresses. Sydney, Kate, Olivia, and now Rebecca. I think like Olivia Rebecca might take some time but there is already a little something emerging. Beyond just her ability to order way too much food and then have to rush off to a case. She also has a really chubby cheeked smile that undermines her getting-down-to-business-ness. What originally brought me to this show was Jeffrey Pierce though. He played the lead, heroic role on Charlie Jade and even though he has been only playing bad guys since then I have hopes his guest role here will lead to something more heroic. He seemed like not as bad as the other inmates. Maybe he’ll help them out in the future. // If you like this try out Fringe.


I didn’t watch this the Monday it came out. I would have if someone said Jack Davenport was in it. I’d clear my day for Jack Davenport. Anyway, I caught up with the first episode over my lunch hour. Surprisingly nice. I think a bad show like Glee might have turned me off from any show with musical numbers, but this one is definitely character driven and the acts actually have stuff to do with the plot, not just an mp3 sale.  I wish it was a little more witty (think Slings&Arrows) but at least it seems very character driven than hit song of the week driven. I love Davenport and he is playing a kind of shady guy. On the one hand  he is doing some things that are very questionable for someone in the position of power…but on the other hand he seems to be backing the correct actress for the job. We’ll have to see how his method works. And there are other characters. Right now I am all about Davenport/Derek even if he is a bit sketch. // If you like this try out Slings & Arrows.

Once Upon a Time |

I’m still watching Once Upon a Time. I find I have to be in the proper mood for it to like it though. And even then I have problems with the ways I am shipping the characters. That’s what happens when families in Storybrook have their ages normalized and don’t remember who they are. Chemistry is chemistry! I also wish there were more PoC cast. I am having trouble thinking of a whiter show. They are stretching things in every other area, why not in casting? Maybe I’m expecting too much from a Sunday night show. Generally I like it. But I want to fix it. // If you like this try out Jasper Fforde’s The Big Over Easy.

Downton Abbey |

I watched this along with those over the pond so it amuses me to no end all the Americans just now getting pulled in to that black hole. I think the biggest thing this recent pop culture breakout here in the States, for me at least, is to listen to people watching season two having not gone through all the satire from the British media which I think ruined season two for me. I watched the spoofs, the specials, and somewhere along the way the show branched off into parody land for me. Doesn’t seem to have happened for the Americans though. So it is nice to be surrounded by people caught up in it. While I thought season two went astray a bit, I totally loved the Christmas Special. I can’t wait until everyone here catches up. Everything I want to squee about is in that episode so it has been hard holding my tongue all this time. // If you like this try out the British miniseries North & South.


2 thoughts on “Friday Four | 09

  1. It is definitely more like Fringe than Lost. They deal with an inmate’s story in each episode and there an ongoing story of “what are they all up to” but ultimately a case is solved with each episode. Might as well give it a shot. I think it is up on Hulu.

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