Seattle to London

What would make an otherwise dismal Valentines Day brighter? Hope Solo signing with the Sounders is reasons one through infinity. :D I’m super excited about this. Some think it spells the end of WPS. Well, survival of the fittest, baby. I for one will be happy to buy a proper jersey and not an advertisement for MagicJack.

What does this signing mean? It definitely means good things for Seattle and most likely the whole west coast outreach. Investing in soccer country? About time. It sounds like a professional setup too with quality people on top. Exactly what Hope said needed to be in place back with the WPS.

Sydney Leroux signing on too is great since a good striker and good goalkeeper will only help each other. And I think they are represented by the same people and have the same Nike connection…only makes sense they will terrorize the NW together.

Maybe this early signing of two top players will break the ice for some others. Makes me wonder about residency. Hope likes an actual competition and playing in a league gives you that. Wonder what was all involved in the decision.

Whatever it was I like it. I am overly excited about this. I want the jersey now. I don’t have to feel dirty about supporting an infomercial product anymore. I was already following the men’s team. Now if someone would just give me a job or sponsor my young-people-retirement in the NW I can have my ideal sports/music/climate trifecta.

Besides the signing, Hope just came off a Friendly against the New Zealand Ferns. She only played a half but her half was clean. A major “oops” gave up a goal soon after she was subbed out but some hero ball at the end won the game for us. Hopefully they’ll get past hero ball. Volleying it forward without sound touches and hoping Morgan can run things down is not the kind of game they want to play. Still, it was frosty and blindingly bright out. *shrug* Sloppy win is still a win.

Prior to that Hope participated in the CONCACAF Olympic qualifying tournament and while the level of competition of the first couple games was lacking on historic levels, the rest of the teams produced enough opportunities for themselves that Hope had to do some monster saves to keep a clean sheet. That quieted the Canadians booing her.

Awesome new Nike+ FuelBand Day in the Life video

A couple training camps, getting ranked fifth in the world at a glam awards night in Switzerland (on top of #1 GK in the world) which is crazy high since goalkeepers usually don’t get much love, crashing the Super Bowl at Indy and kicking ass in the Direct TV Beach Bowl, mysterious Olympic related photoshoots, Kobe System, Nike FuelBand, Ohio State Student Union talk with Alex Morgan, excellent new Nike article, Cartoon Network’s She’s Got Game winner, Nike photohoot (from last year) book coming out — Hope has been busy.

Part of Hope Solo and Alex Morgan’s interview from Ohio State last night.


They talk about their photoshoots with ESPN and SI (Hope had something to say about that front lawn photo), things they wish they did differently in college, social media (specifically mean people on twitter), charity work, their schedule as athletes, 2007, Hope’s shoulder recovery leading into the WC…Hope is very chatty, but Alex seemed ok with not having to carry the conversation. It’s not the full interview but a good 20+ minutes. Give the uploader a fav for his efforts.


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