I caught the paper doll bug (thanks a lot Downton Abbey) so I am making a paper doll of my favorite muse. Obviously needed multiple head options. I am revisiting the nose and the coloring is mostly just to keep me sane while I am drawing the outlines. Anyway, this will probably be my weekend project. Since work this week was such a heart breaker I think I deserve to flex the old art muscles.

I am going to have a nice Nike pro-combat base I think and then obviously the purple kit. Also obvious is the purple “kit” from DTWS and I am thinking my favorite Quickstep dress. Oh, and maaaybe Toy Story. Seems like a pain to draw though. After that maybe standard soccer sweats and a Sounders shirt for a casual, yet dressed look. The accessories are going to be fun too. I’ll keep those secret until I finish them.

The best thing is that I have an actual child waiting on this to be done. So this is both self-servings and the…other thing. That thing when you do something for someone else.  :P


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