Hope Solo Paper Dolls? Yeah, that happened.

It’s finished, baby! Now with even more swagger. You know, the thing about already being a subculture kid is that you can fully flesh it out however you like. No one will judge you more or less than they already do. If you are artistically inclined you can ignore doing traditional landscapes and skip straight to paper dolls of soccer players.

If you aren’t in the fandom-know then you might not get the lolz about the Starbucks and BlackBerry or the Game Face option or Hater’s Tears. Oddly enough, the ESPN Boddy Issue cover was the funnest to draw. I started off just with the impression of an image and it solidified pretty tight I thought. Minimilistic and tiny. My desire to draw miniature things is leaving me but it was fun while it lasted.

Behind the scenes: I was watching Twin Peaks while making this. Just thought you should know. :/

Download the PDF here at Deviant Art

Card stock is recommended for best results.


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