This tower was in the Field of Dreams movie. Rockford doubled as Iowa. Damn depressing doubling as Iowa. Pretty much a testament to the level of dreary boredom about the place. Actual Iowa wasn’t boring and run down enough. They had to go for a sure thing. Once again — I’m not from here. I just happen to work here.

It was almost 70F so I took fifteen minutes out of my lunch to walk around. Turned out to be the only 15 minutes of sun I got today. I love looking down this way. The wires and the bricks and the pipes and how far it goes. Lines. Lines everywhere. My mind goes bang every time I look over here. You can’t really see it here, but it goes down a couple more blocks. Love it! More than once I’ve seen camera crews and photoshoots happening back here. I must not be the only one who gets a feeling from this spot.

This is actually a lot tighter than it looks. I could almost reach out and touch both walls at the same time. I walked a little further down this way than was wise to get this shot. It’s my “most likely to get jumped” spot. Actually I have a better one but I wouldn’t dare go take a picture there. This one at least still invites a bit of tourism. What is really odd is how there is this generator or giant air conditioner or something way up there so all you can hear is white noise. Would never hear someone creepin’ up on you. In fact when I popped out again I scared some lady going on a joy walk. Oops.

Look at this sad little car. Last one in the parking lot.  I got caught up into a whirlwind at work and missed out on all the nice weather. I had planned on taking a walk by the river right after work but no dice. It was dark and chilly and no longer safe by the river. And I had missed taking my meds, needed grocery shopping, and have a 5 AM USWNT to wake up early to read on Match Tracker (ok, that last thing is by choice). At least the light works again.


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