Seattle Sounders Women

The opening exhibition game for the Sounders Women was Monday against Seattle Pacific University and I was watching the blurry official stream of the game from my computer here in Illinois. Which is the same red carpet as is given to Manchester United or Barcelona in my household so take it for what you will. It is the pioneer days of the sport still I’m afraid. At least as TV coverage goes.

The game was late for my time zone, the competition was some off season college players, but they shared the wealth in the offense and the opposing goalkeeper got a lot of action and actually did pretty well considering who she was facing. It was 5-0 but it could have been twice that without some good saves in there. You have to appreciate the crowd that came out too. They had some proper cheering and chanting going on there. Wish I could have been there too. And not just because I want to be anywhere but here (even though that is also the case).

The game itself was one of those not really exciting if you are there only to watch your favorite goalkeeper get some action. Hope made one save I believe, punched clear a ball, and was creeping up to almost the center line pinging balls back. One of these days she’s just going to dribble it up into the opposing net and poke one in. And I better be there to see that celebration.

Since we are good fans we aren’t tuning in just to see our favorite player. Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan, the future of the USWNT offence, are playing together and getting some important bonding time in on the field. While the NT can’t seem to make this happen very often on the field due to Leroux’s playing time, I was thrilled to see them making runs together and getting assists here. I know the level of competition wasn’t high, but it is still nice to see and dream of things to come.

Superficial thought of the game? Hope’s white kit looks smashing. XBox is so classy compared to MagicJack. The whole night was classy. All the way down to the impressive number of things Hope stayed to sign after. Back to the kit again: Now that is a kit I want. I love how the team’s look is so associated with the MLS. None of that rinky-dink stuff. They better start selling her kit. The green kits, without numbers, are already up on the main Sounders site in the women’s section. I think you might be able to customize them for a fee. I’m waiting for the real thing though. I already ordered a Sounders Women scarf. :) Don’t look at me like that. I’ve been on sick leave for almost three weeks. I am bound to make a few impulse purchases.

Next Game:

Seattle Sounders Women vs Seattle University
April 13, 2012 | 7:30pm P.T. / 10:30 E.T.

Obviously if you are in the Seattle area you should be watching it live. You’d be crazy to pass up the opportunity to see Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and the gang play. Get your tickets here.

Otherwise, the game will be streaming here.

Monday’s game is available on demand here and it is a better quality, at least visually, than anything that was streamed live before. It was worth it to see that Syd to Morgan goal clearer.

Media Dump:

Did I mention how happy I am she is back in Seattle? Well I am.

She is always so well grounded. LOL’d at that lady trying to get at Hope’s fitness secrets. I think they were surprised that Hope said she had to work to get her muscles back after the show since most people would say during DWTS she was totally ripped already. Nope, Hope actually has a level above what you saw on DWTS. Or the Body Issue for that matter. Those photos were taken after she had some wallow time at home.

And yes, DWTS was bizarre. Even for us spectators. Hope is the only one who could get me to watch that show and stay up voting half the night for weeks. I’m surprised at how diplomatic she’s trying to be. They don’t deserve it. That show was horrible to her. Glad she has her set thing to say. Much less stressful probably.

So. Adorable. Super humble. She is a fan of the French team and doesn’t give much credit to the ranking system. They know when they get out played and squeak out a win and when they actually play well. Her awareness level about herself would make any introvert proud. 2008 was the stick it to the haters year! Go Hope! Too bad she has to have haters because she is clearly a sweetheart. Anyway, that was a nice interview with some regular fans/G+ groupies from around the world. Stick around after she leaves and hear them gush. It wasn’t just soccer fans. General media aware people I’d say.

Hope is a Great Communicator
Prost Amerika:
 I would be remiss not to mention that you’ve got Hope Solo, the world’s best goalkeeper behind you. How do you see your role as sweeper organizing the defense with her behind you?

Kate Deines: It definitely changes things! I was laughing a little bit at halftime I’m just so not use to having someone – I mean, I’ve played with great goalies – but someone of her caliber, you know she’s one of the best, probably the best in the world, and so I’m almost playing outside back and it’s a totally different feel for me. Once I got the hang of it, I was just like ‘We’re good, we’re good, we’ve got Hope back there.’ I just feel so honored to have the opportunity to play with her and the other national team girls.

Prost Amerika: Did she give you a lot of direction out on the field?

Kate Deines: Oh yeah, she’s super vocal and I’m so grateful for it! I’ll take any direction I can get! She’s a great communicator.
Read the rest here.

Hope talking Title IX. We are all thankful she got that scholarship.


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