Tuesday Trio | 01

It has been an exciting week for a few of my Bullet Proof Kinks(TM). Space suits? Girls in armor? Fresh new kit? Yes, please.

First up is the French premiere of Prometheus. Which I have studiously avoided reading about. I feel like I know enough from the trailers. I just want this film in my eyes now, y’know? There are some kick ass new photos out I’ve seen which confirms to me how on point they’ve been with the sets and the general look that feels like the first Alien movie. In the last few weeks a trickling of new “viral” videos have shown up. Not sure if I’d call them viral outside of a pun. The first up is a spoof on Ted and the second is an awesome advertisment for robots. I like the look these two have. Not just the look, but the sense of humor mixed with an almost dignified horror. The type you get when something turns a little crazy and you are sure no one else has noticed it. Love it. See for yourself.


Next up is the awesomeness which is Game of Thrones. I can’t believe we are three episodes in already. They are chop-chopping out extra book content so we’ve made way more headway than I thought we would at this point.  I’m ok with a lot of the edits. A little irked that Yara/Asha is so different from the books. More smarm than swagger and she has yet to twirl an axe or do anything that would suggest she could catch the eye of a guy beyond the perv which is Theon. I like Theon, but at this point he is a perv. I’ve started to think of her as alternate universe Asha for happy!brain reasons. Fighting what I can’t change is pointless. Relabeling it? That works. Because when Brienne is prettier than Asha there has been a Fringe incident, you know what I’m say’n?

Speaking of Brienne…she is perfect.  See, I was never one of those people who thought she was butt ugly. POV characters were going to be bias against her because from their perspective she is unladylike, threatening, really tall, doesn’t wear a dress, fights like a man, wants the same respect as is afforded men, and does pretty much everything the opposite as what is considered pretty. She’s got an honest face, bright blue eyes, and isn’t overly concerned about that side of herself because she’s chosen another path. Not that she isn’t aware of what people think of of her, but she has that ability to both see herself as others see her and then see the world as it ought to be. She picks the second and sticks to it as bullheaded as she can in order to survive with her beliefs intact.  I find her striking which to me matches the books quite nicely. Not the womanly ideal for the time, but that doesn’t mean she needs to be a Helga either.  What do you think?


And in fashion news….the USWNT ladies have a new kit for the Olympics. I am not sold on it. Waldo? Is that you?

What women looks good wearing horizontal stripes? That’s what the fandom has been saying going on 48 hours. If the fittest ladies in the world can’t pull it off I have no business trying to wear them as a fan. And I’m not even busty in the least and currently am trying to gain weight. I can tell you right now only a select few on the team will look good as Waldas. They are identical to the men’s kits now, but I can’t help but think women were not involved in their design because they are so unflattering. That’s as much upsettedness I can muster at the moment. Fans have already photoshopped better suggestions.

What I am really thrilled about is of course the goalkeeper kit. Is that black? Grey? Gunmetal grey kit? I’ll call it that until I get a photo of it where there aren’t lights shooting out of her boobs obscuring the general look. Once again I question if women were involved in any step of this. Conception to the photoshopping. Unless Hope is Iron Man she does not need light shooting out from there. JJ Abrams, were you consulted on lens flares?

Besides wearing these new kits as early as the upcoming May friendly, Hope got a dashing new kit for her new team. The Seattle Sounders Women are fitted out in rave green of the men’s team, but Hope gets to rock a white number. Who knew she could look so nice in white? It is almost as striking as black is I think. Frosty. Which seems appropriate. I would pay good money to have that kit. I want a rave green training jacket too. Look at me talking like I have money.


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