Hope Solo Memoir & Nike is finally selling her jersey

Hope Solo Jersey

Hope’s kit is finally for sale!

No news on youth sizes but there is an extra small which would likely work for most kids I’d think. There are no men’s kits either. Maybe if Tim Howard’s fans worked as hard as Hope’s did on getting a kit made there would be a blank one to put her name on. Trust me, it wasn’t easy getting what we did. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a twitter war! Eventually ten months later they caved in to our sane and rational arguments  incessant tweeting. We get stuff done.

Order the book/ebook at Amazon or your bookstore of choice.

There is also a children’s version of her biography called Hope: My Story which I assume cuts out all the naughty bits and has a message for kids. More like a book report kind of biography. In fact on twitter she said this version was very much PG. Considering how crazy her life has been I’d suggest getting this one for your kids over the adult version.

This is going to be awesome. I have to admit that I admire certain people who have risen to be the best of the best in what they do not because they have become the greatest but often because it hasn’t been easy for them. Many people would have folded under the first obstacle or maybe the second or third but certain people just keep going even as the road never gets easier for them.

So I am looking forward to reading this. I’ve had a crazy life too and as an introvert my experiences are always organized in a particular way that I feel the average extrovert would never have bothered with. Introverts take way more stock in the contexts for their experiences and how it frames them in the universe. It will be interesting to see what a fellow introvert has made out of her own.

From what I can tell from Amazon snooping, Amazon stores from Germany, Japan, etc are all listing the book so most people should be able to get it in their countries. Not sure if it is translated or just the English version though.

2 thoughts on “Hope Solo Memoir & Nike is finally selling her jersey

    • Feels almost like Christmas, huh? Part of me feels like I’ll believe in the GK kit when I see it. I have a screen cap so there is no backing out now for Nike. Don’t want to wake up my wrath.

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