Draw Something

I was stupid and downloaded Draw Something for my iPhone. Stupid because a) I quit playing games because I become too competitive. I start obsessing. b) most of my opponents really suck. c) drawing on an iPhone. Enuff said.

If you want to play me in this my user name there is the same as my twitter handle. And if you don’t know my twitter handle then you aren’t invited anyway. #sticksnoseup

Don’t get me wrong. I do have two fun opponents. There’s just a lot of average people out there. And then this really idiotic one who is either 12 and can’t spell or is ESL.  I treated him to this:

If history serves us well, he will probably bust through all of his helps, try to use the letters RIP even though I never give the word away in the spelling (like he does a lot when he gets frustrated. He makes it a hang man game…um no) and then give up. Like he almost did with “ruler”. I still give my best effort. Even if my opponent seems to lack the knowledge of human society. Maybe I’m playing against an alien.

I’m not morbid. It’s the game. The game is making me do it. And yes, penguins are inherently sad. The ice is melting, yo. You can’t wear formal wear in the heat. Nobody got time for that.

PS: I drew all of that with my thumb. My THUMB. On an iPhone. It was like doing sand bottle art.


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