I am reading Letters of a Woman Homesteader by a lady who quit the city and set out for the border of Wyoming and Utah (she’s not Mormon though she does run into them and they don’t sound any saintlier than the next guy) for a plot of land after her husband died (or maybe abandoned her…it has come to question). In 1909. She was feisty and would have made a good blogger by today’s standards. I need to add chair kicking to my list of things to do when forced to deal with with ignorant menfolk.

Look who made it on the cover of Vogue? That’s right. My girl Hope Solo. A classy shot too. It’s like I always said: She was way too big for that shit-show DWTS. Wish they would have treated her better. Sure, the show is made to serve the b-listers out there and they wouldn’t let an outsider win, but that’s no reason take it out on her. Glad to see she is doing more than fine.

Don’t worry. These little fellows were outside where they belong. Doing work.


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