Instagram time!

I went on a walk over lunch today. It was in the low 90F but I needed to go to the post office and my vitamin D (well, along with everything else) is off so I figured soak it all in at once, right? Across the street was a square of long grass smashed by the wind and sun baked in place and in those were these Tim Burton-like stalks of dead flowers. I pegged them for weeds since I tend to like weeds or in the very least invasive wildflowers, but this one turned out to be the seeding stage of a flower. I couldn’t begin to tell you what it was now. In one ear, out the other.

Founders Memorial: Gene Horvath sculptor
Someone at work asked me if the dude in the back was a “black man”. I took them all to be the same race as the Statue of Liberty if we were going by skin color.  These particular dudes were supposed to be fording the Rock River or something. I thought they were depicting a typical death in Star Trek.

Downstairs neighbors were setting fireworks off from 1AM to 3:30AM Sunday night. Right on the front steps to the building with the front door open. They’d run in and out and slam the doors and laugh like hyenas and bang bang all night. I finally went out there and yelled at them. Which brings me to my trusty cricket bat. I wasn’t sure they were drunk or on drugs because who in their right minds would do what they were doing, so I kept near my open door with my bat just inside. I get rather scary when in these situations. I am not sure why I was given a really good “mom voice” as I don’t want to be a mom and I hardly look 18. All I know is that inside every male, no matter how old, is a little boy and you can always tap into that.

Wasn’t until after that I remembered I wasn’t wearing a bra and was dressed like a jock (hey, need to wear that volleyball camp shirt from 1998 somewhere dude). I tried going back to bed but I was too pumped. Wanted to go out there for a few more rounds. Next time I will get everything I have to say out. Called the landlord the next day and he couldn’t have seemed less concerned. Said I should have called 911. Sorry, dude. It is like world war three out here leading up to the 4th of July. You can hear explosions for miles. If the cops wanted to do something about it they’d be doing something about it. And they’d ask me if I had asked them to stop yet or not. Oh, and I am looking for a new place. Thanks for being so concerned with your tenant of four years. :p

Every Friday night there is a market down by the river near where I work. I don’t normally go down there because of all the gluten stuff they have a surplus of (wood fire pizza, artisan breads…the smell makes me sick feeling), but they have a few non-gluten stuff too so last Friday I went down and picked myself up some ripe peaches. They were yum.


Hil vs the Chicago Red Stars

Ok, so it was more like Hil vs Construction Season.  More on that later.

This past Sunday I went to my first Chicago Red Stars soccer game in Naperville. For those not in the know the women’s pro soccer league folded this spring after three seasons. Well, it was in zombie “suspended” mode but most knew the likely outcome. A victim of a poor economy, bad business model, and an internal lawsuit.  Take your pick. She’s dead, Jim.

Out of the ashes of that failure the two preexisting semi-pro leagues have gotten more notice. I’ve picked two teams to follow. Hope Solo’s Seattle Sounders Women of the w-league and Lori Chalupny’s Chicago Red Stars who play in the WPSL-Elite. I can only watch the Sounders play on livestream, but the Red Stars aren’t that far away so I thought I’d catch a game. It helps that favorites Chalupny and soon to return from France Ella Masar play for them.

First off, I’d like to log a complaint against the construction season. I was told to avoid 88 because it was down to one lane and a mess (When isn’t it a mess? I think it has been under construction my entire life!) and I heard rumblings of 64 being under construction too but between the two I’d rather not pay tolls for a bad road, y’know? So I took 64…and hit a long detour where I discovered a huge horse stable out in the middle of nowhere (I cannot stress how huge or how nowhere it was.) and a whole lot of roads I was not familiar with. After getting off on the wrong foot there we spent hours driving. Wish I were kidding. Let’s just say getting to North Central would be a breeze if 88 were clear. Maybe I’ll try 88 next time.

Once we finally reached the college it was easy enough getting around. Parking was free and wherever as it was a Sunday. You can bring your own snacks. Which is great since I am gluten free. I had preordered preferred seating though at this venue it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. They are playing in a few different locations since their normal field is being resurfaced. It was at the football field. With all of the colleges with soccer specific fields (cough-Wheaton-cough) I’m not sure why they have to play with football and lacrosse lines at a place like this. Nothing puts me off more than lines going everywhere. Goes back to my volleyball days and perhaps dyslexia and being in design. I hate clutter.  Continue reading