Short review of Hope Solo’s memoir

Hope Solo’s memoir is surprisingly well written for an athlete bio. It’s the complete story of her life from her turbulent childhood to her career in soccer that has taken her all over the world to the recent World Cup and the media whirlwind that followed.

If you want a tell-all about the USWNT there are things told here and there, sure. If it’s your impression that it will be some kind of detailed account of DWTS that’s just one chapter in the back. What really was holding together the threads of her life and this book was the strange, triangular relationship of Hope, her father, and soccer. The majority of the book is a family story in all of its often brutal detail but never without moments of happiness that ultimately make up someone’s life.

Solo is often labeled outspoken and controversial in the relatively tame world of women’s soccer but her memoir shows us how she came to be so confident and determined to follow her dreams no matter what. It shows us where speaking up for herself has gotten her as well as how the refusal to give up has taken an athlete further than the 2-3 near career ending incidents would dictate. She’ll probably always be the anti-hero of women’s soccer, but it says a lot that we’ve finally seen the day where women’s sports can handle someone who doesn’t fit the mold perfectly. The mold is often fake and Hope is anything but fake.

Pick it up at Amazon or your local bookstore. This book is meant for adults. It contains adult situations, language, and hasn’t been sugar coated. If you are looking for a book for your kids there is a young adult version as well for the 13 year old range. Do not mix these two up. ;)

*There is an additional chapter covering the 2012 Olympics you can find in PDF form at the publisher’s website. Hopefully it will be added to future print and kindle editions.

**Since people keep asking, yes, lawyers, fact-checkers, the publisher have vetted her book. That’s how it works. A major publisher wouldn’t just release anything. She has documents from official meetings about what happened on DWTS with Maks. It’s all cut and dry.

***I read the kindle edition. Formatting was good.

Copy of my Amazon review.

My full review for people who have read the book.


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