Recent gluten free purchases

Go Picnic! Meal 

A tiny box filled with gluten free snacks. They are a little expensive, but if you are going to a soccer game and can’t eat any of the concession food they are a god send. Also good to keep near your desk at work and it fits in a medium sized purse too. It’s like a gluten free MRE. The hummus kind is the best, but the turkey stick one wasn’t bad either. The outside of the box lists the information for each of the individually sealed items inside the box so if you have other health issues you can easily see the situation.

If you are super sensitive to gluten I’ve come across a few brands that have the “processed in a plant that also processes wheat”. I’ve not had any problems, but always good to be aware of what you are getting into.

Lundberg Risotto

Gluten free risotto! I don’t much miss pasta or anything like that, but I do miss heardy, filling, sticks to your ribs food at times and this stuck alright. Had to wait a long time until my dairy was figured out but once it was (second time is a charm) I soon came  upon this and it was really tasty.

I’m not sure if all kinds are gluten free but the creamy parm was.

Foco Coconut Juice

I was looking for something to refresh me after being a little dehydrated a few weeks ago. Coconut water tastes like rotted pine nuts to me and coconut milk was a bit much and not sold in single serving so I tried this brand of coconut juice. Seemed like middle ground. Well it was super sweet and a bit of a shock at first. Nothing on it indicated there would be diced coconut floating in the drink! I took a sip and practically spewed. After figuring out what was going on it was fine, but that first sip will haunt me for a while. Didn’t help I saw it wasn’t canned in the USA. For one second I pictured any manner of thing in my drink.

Naturally gluten free, but sweet as hell. Probably will stick to coconut water/milk in future.


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