Hope Solo Paper Dolls

So… this happened again. As some of you may remember I did a version of this sometime back in April I’d like to say. Well with the new kit out and me hating DWTS with the fire of many suns now I decided to do an upgrade. I had fun drawing another miniature: Hope’s book cover. It turned out to be as much fun as the ESPN magazine was. Considerable fun. The HyperIce shoulder thing was also fun to draw. I f’d it up in one spot (shhh) but now can’t be bothered to fix it. My desire to draw comes and goes and when it’s gone, well… too bad.

Camouflage Kit, goodluck Gatorade paper cup, Solo memoir, jar of haters tears, Sounders Women Great White Shark kit, Hyperice recovery equipment, altered Purple Kit, alternate faces, BlackBerry, ESPN Body Issue, Starbucks cup, Sounders scarf.

You can download a printable copy off at my Deviant Art page. Here is the old version if you are curious.

Why not, I thought. So I did. The end.


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