The Stadium Blanket Arrived! / USWNT vs Germany Chicago Game

Update — (warning: venting) Unfortunately I didn’t realize they only sign next to the tunnel so really the contest was for those only in that area. That was lame. Losing an art contest to a technicality? Grr… I don’t think I ever lost an art contest I entered. I stink at losing. I’ll be unbearable for a week and then likely eat my feelings which will be a trick since I’m a celiac.

But seriously, it would have been nice to know that the front row bleacher seats I bought were in a no signature zone. Didn’t realize they all stayed around the tunnel area and only people over there would gets sigs or win anything or ever had a chance to in the first place.

Only 3 players came to the entire far side to sign and they only signed for the rich people who bought the single row of field seating a few feet in front of me. I tried to get a sig but security told me to go back to my seat three feet away and just watch. Which I did. Some around me stepped over the barricade anyway. Sigh. Darn my lame adherence to authority.

Next time I’ll buy inexpensive nose bleed seats, enjoy the game, and not bother fighting obnoxious children for a sig of a player they couldn’t even name anyway. I don’t think I was that dumb when I was 12, but then again when I was 12 I couldn’t afford to attend any games either.

I’m an adult. The real joys of being an adult sports fan is getting out of the parking lot faster than everyone else. In that I failed too. I was in the parking lot an hour trying to get out and then had two hours of construction, tolls and traffic to get home.

Final thought — I know they can’t help who buys tickets, but I really wish they had an MLS style crowd instead of so many kids and teens.  If I had to hear “what just happened” or “who is that” or “why are people clapping” or “when is this over” during the game one more time… I tried to stand up a few times to watch the game properly and the kids behind me yelled for me to sit down. Which was a laugh since they were kicking my seat the entire night. What a crowd … I’d take Brandi’s commentary over most of what I was subjected to in earshot. Give me a bunch of rowdy drunk guys in the stands any day. If I was going to another game my second thoughts on attending would include the zillions of suburban kids I was subjected to. Do I really want to put myself through that? I’m thinking once was enough.

Real final thought — I just want a league to follow. I want to support a team every week for 9 months. Not to go to a game with a bunch of fad-following suburbanites who don’t even know players’ names. I don’t mean to sound grouchy. It was nice watching them play. I just felt really out of place with the people who were there. It wasn’t like the feeling I got from 300 level Bulls seats where you get to sit around diverse, working class folk who know and love the game, fun to hear them talk, and they know every single player down to the last man on the bench for the last 15 years.


It arrived! I love it. Maybe it’s the type of drawing I submitted but the colors came out great and while some of the detail was lost it was detail I don’t mind giving up. It’s soft and fluffy and pretty big actually. It might require some manhandling at the game. I wish I put her name up on the top instead of the bottom because the bottom might get lost in a sea of legs. Hm. Poor planning, me!

If you are just here to see what a Cafepress Stadium Blanket looks like here it is! Maybe a little pricey for the quality (I’d seriously question ever putting this through the wash) but I had some Cafepress cash stored up and a coupon so it wasn’t so much of an issue for me.

Here is the size in relation to her book.

Here’s some close up detail.


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