I went to the Austin Zoo

It’s an animal rescue sanctuary so most of these animals either came from really grim circumstances or in some cases owners who couldn’t take care of them anymore. Each habitat had a placard with a story on it about their species and situation. Occasionally we’d be, “Wait, does that wolf have only three legs? Don’t tell the kids.” There were some sick animals there and the facilities are nonprofit funded so adequate is the word I’m going for I guess. But these animals came from bad situations, small cages, circuses, hoarders, etc and most of them saw a big improvement when coming to this sanctuary.

These two guys were like the runway models of the zoo. They’d pose for a few seconds and then strike another pose. Over the shoulder look. Legs in the air. They really wanted their pictures taken.

So chill.

Splay legged in the sun. It was only in the 70s so these guys were probably glad for some rays.

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Gluten Free Roundup

Ashoka’s Punjabi Choley
I love Indian food and if is gluten free I will give it a try. I’ve had other brands of this before. This one was hotter than most and possibly saltier too, but it was edible. Man, doesn’t sound enjoyable does it? It was too hot for my taste. I’ll probably keep looking for my former go to brands. 

Ashoka’s Bombay Biryani
Do not buy this. It was super salty to the point I had trouble choking even 1/4 of it down. The entire thing had a “soy sauce” appearance to it. Rice and vegetables were the same brown color. There were not bright vegetables in it. Just shriveled brown things with rice. Both the same disturbing brown color. And oh the salt. Just avoid this.

Ashoka had a number of additional meals available but after a so-so one and this salt lick I’m not sure if it is worth trying. 

10 Things

  1. I moved to Austin Texas. I’ve been here for a week.
  2. I already went to the Alamo Drafthouse. Argo was fantastic. Potato skins were gluten free so that’s what I got. A+ for the potato skins, though after the 3rd or 4th I wanted them to turn magically into pizza that wouldn’t kill me.
  3. Broke down and went to Red Brick Pizza which was gluten free friendly and claimed to prep and bake in dedicated gluten free spaces. Proceeded to get glutened and sick. I’m on day three of being sick. #sadness #pictureevidenceabove
  4. Been drinking boba at the tea house as often as I can. Thus far not glutened there. #knocksonwood
  5. The weather is lovely. It does smell kind of funny here though. Like the scent of a barn full of dry hay is picked up on the breeze a lot.
  6. There are next to no black people here. The minority makeup is throwing me off. I miss the diversity I’m used to. Wah! I have seen more Indians and other Asians and of course Hispanics though. I guess that’s the trade off.
  7. I am putting the finishing touches on my portfolio website and pdf portfolio (which will be shown on my kindle fire) and have to update my resume. Then I’ll be in full hire me mode.
  8. My car got recalled, I was called into jury duty on the other side of the country, and my landlord hosed me on my deposit after verbally telling me there was no need for a walk through, I’ve lived there for four years so they expect wear and tear, and how freakishly clean I am. Well, karma will get ’em. I’m going for the triple crown of awful.
  9. I may already found someone to go to sports bars with.
  10. Someone, hire me please.