10 Things

  1. I moved to Austin Texas. I’ve been here for a week.
  2. I already went to the Alamo Drafthouse. Argo was fantastic. Potato skins were gluten free so that’s what I got. A+ for the potato skins, though after the 3rd or 4th I wanted them to turn magically into pizza that wouldn’t kill me.
  3. Broke down and went to Red Brick Pizza which was gluten free friendly and claimed to prep and bake in dedicated gluten free spaces. Proceeded to get glutened and sick. I’m on day three of being sick. #sadness #pictureevidenceabove
  4. Been drinking boba at the tea house as often as I can. Thus far not glutened there. #knocksonwood
  5. The weather is lovely. It does smell kind of funny here though. Like the scent of a barn full of dry hay is picked up on the breeze a lot.
  6. There are next to no black people here. The minority makeup is throwing me off. I miss the diversity I’m used to. Wah! I have seen more Indians and other Asians and of course Hispanics though. I guess that’s the trade off.
  7. I am putting the finishing touches on my portfolio website and pdf portfolio (which will be shown on my kindle fire) and have to update my resume. Then I’ll be in full hire me mode.
  8. My car got recalled, I was called into jury duty on the other side of the country, and my landlord hosed me on my deposit after verbally telling me there was no need for a walk through, I’ve lived there for four years so they expect wear and tear, and how freakishly clean I am. Well, karma will get ’em. I’m going for the triple crown of awful.
  9. I may already found someone to go to sports bars with.
  10. Someone, hire me please.

3 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. I have yet to look into the specific things you want to do for work, but Progressive is generally always hiring for people at the call center, Time Warner is also always hiring people I hear, and there’s also an Apple store with contract positions or something of that sort. All of them would seem to be gluten free unlike a lot of restaurants that are hiring, I imagine. Good luck with finding a job and welcome to Austin! If those job choices are not what you are looking for I apologize..someone was just talking about how those places are always hiring so I thought I’d let ya know :)

    • Thanks for the ideas! I’m going to try to get into my industry first since I have six years of experience at an advertising agency as a production artist, but it may come to a point where I’m going for whoever is hiring. I hadn’t thought of the Apple store. I do have to avoid food service which kind of sucks since I have past experience with that prior to getting diagnosed with celiac. It would have to be a non-food related retail or and office job. Hm. Everything would be easier without the diet restrictions but you gotta take what life gives you I guess.

      • :) Good luck, I don’t know much about production artists, but I really hope you find something soon. There are all types of festivals and things here so I bet you’ll find something. Also, progressive has lots of types of jobs and they have art hanging everywhere in there I hear, it’s a pretty versatile place. If I hear of any jobs of that nature I’ll let ya know :)

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