I went to the Austin Zoo

It’s an animal rescue sanctuary so most of these animals either came from really grim circumstances or in some cases owners who couldn’t take care of them anymore. Each habitat had a placard with a story on it about their species and situation. Occasionally we’d be, “Wait, does that wolf have only three legs? Don’t tell the kids.” There were some sick animals there and the facilities are nonprofit funded so adequate is the word I’m going for I guess. But these animals came from bad situations, small cages, circuses, hoarders, etc and most of them saw a big improvement when coming to this sanctuary.

These two guys were like the runway models of the zoo. They’d pose for a few seconds and then strike another pose. Over the shoulder look. Legs in the air. They really wanted their pictures taken.

So chill.

Splay legged in the sun. It was only in the 70s so these guys were probably glad for some rays.

My camera decided it wanted to focus on the fence. Poo. Just as well because this guy was cleaning her girly bits anyway.

This fox was being all foxy. I’ll let you imagine what that looked like because once again the main feature was the in focus fence apparently. :(


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