2012 Top of the Pops

Here are my Top of the Pops for the year 2012

Books (read this year)

  1. The Boy Who Followed Ripley, Patricia Highsmith
  2. The Woman Who Died a Lot, Jasper Fforde
  3. Solo: A Memoir of Hope, Hope Solo and Ann Killian
  4. Ripley Underground, Patricia Highsmith
  5. Ripley’s Game, Patricia Highsmith
  6. Ripley Underwater, Patricia Highsmith
  7. Y: The Last Man Vol. 1-7, Brian K. Vaughn
  8. Letters of a Woman Homesteader, Elinore Pruitt Stewart
  9. Dragon Ship, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
  10. The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan

Movies (watched this year)

  1. Argo
  2. Django: Unchained
  3. Thank You for Smoking
  4. Skyfall
  5. Looper
  6. Girl with a Dragon Tattoo (US Version)
  7. Dark Knight Rises
  8. Avengers
  9. The Amazing Spiderman
  10. Premium Rush

TV Shows (watched this year)

  1. Twin Peaks (series)
  2. Arrested Development (series)
  3. Teen Wolf (s1-s2)
  4. Forbrydelsen (s3)
  5. Suits
  6. Revenge (s1)
  7. Parks and Rec (series)
  8. Sports Night (series)
  9. Nashville
  10. Revolution

Music (enjoyed this year)

  1. Mika – Celebrate
  2. Muse – Survival
  3. Julee Cruise – Falling
  4. Gabriel – Solskin
  5. Imagin Dragons – It’s Time
  6. AWOLNATION – Wake Up
  7. Young Love – Find A New Way
  8. Ken – Wake City
  9. White Lies – To Lose My Life
  10. PSY – Right Now (now, don’t judge)


  1. The “Harli” Show (USWNT vs Japan Olympic Gold Medal Match)
  2. Derrick Rose torn ACL (First game of playoffs, Bulls vs 76ers)
  3. Attended USWNT vs Germany (Toyota Park, October, 2012)
  4. First time at The Alamo Drafhouse (Argo, gluten free potato skins)
  5. Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary (November)


  1. Anything Hope Solo
  2. Tom Ripley
  3. Twitter
  4. WoSo
  5. Bubble tea (Rose Black Tea)
  6. eos
  7. Instagram
  8. Rudy’s BBQ
  9. Coconut water
  10. My blue Ford Fiesta hatchback, Idris

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