Hope Solo Rec List

I guess I could play until I’m 50 here in Seattle, pull a Kasey Keller. (Laughs) Sorry, Kasey. You won’t see me wearing pants, though, as a goalkeeper.” x

Order her book/ebook from Amazon

There is also a children’s version of her biography called Hope: My Story which cuts out all the naughty bits and has a message for kids. Do not mix these two up.

HyperIce – What does the best goalkeeper in the world use to ice up? Maybe I should see to that old volleyball injury. It looks comfy.

– Hope is the first female brand sponsor for Seiko in a number of years. It sounds like later on she might get her own line of watches. We’ll see. They are some of the best watches you can get if you are into that sort of thing. Can’t help but think the bigger bling would look better on her. None of this princess sized stuff please.

Simple Skincare – Look good. Feel good. Play good. This is what Hope uses to get rid of all the sweat, dirt, and blood. And I guess makeup too.

Nike – Nike does some of their best shoots with Hope (see evidence here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Can’t go wrong with buying Nike. I am usually suspicious of brands, but a lot of their stuff is quality even if it didn’t have a swoosh. Doesn’t hurt that Hope looks terrific in all of their stuff.

Popchips – Hope was involved with a contest through Popchips where fans suggest a local Seattle charity she should get involved with. She ended up going to the Seattle Children’s Hospital as well as another youth center I believe. The hospital posted pictures as well.

Popchips, at least the BBQ and Sweet Potato kind, are really good (do not buy the cheese kind, ew) and gluten free if you find them dated August and later. As someone who can’t eat normal food these are pretty good. You norms will just have to try them and see.


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