I had another job interview. This time in downtown Austin. For some reason it saw fit to rain and look a little monochromatic like this. If this is the best Chicago impersonation it could come up with I’m fine with that.


More dogsitting! Here is Beckham. Both he and Roxy formed a defensive perimiter around the bedroom. In the dark they looked like sharks pacing along the edge of the bed. Every hour or two they’d half jump on the bed and paw at me because they needed to pee. They have walnuts for bladders. This “Timmy fell down the well” routine lasted all night. Ugh!


Roxy smells something on the wind. In fact, the wind was her main adversary the entire time I was there. She reacted to it like it was a Thing. Out to get her. Or me perhaps. She was protecting me from the wind every time we went outside. That might be generous. Most of the time she was hiding behind me and looking over my shoulder at the evil wind.


While putting ornaments away I realized this angel looks like Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. Just go with it.


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