State of the Union

I’ve enjoyed my Austin “non-winter” so far. Besides that spell where my sister’s heater went out in the apartment and it was south of 50F inside while I was trying to shiver through a phone interview. Needless to say those people never called back. A few weeks later and I’m in shorts again though. I guess I have to enjoy this as much as possible because in a month it will be 90F.

On the gluten free/celiac front, I’ve done the whole rice spaghetti thing without much success. I swear I’m overdosing on rice and it will be the next thing my body decides is a foreign agent. Recognizing the signs I might be pushing it with rice, I bought a spaghetti squash yesterday and baked it up. Success! It tastes ok, magically scrapes out in the shape of spaghetti,  and I don’t feel terrible after eating it. That covers most of my requirements. It’s also better for you in general than the alternatives. I’ve eaten some weird things the last year, but this one is a success. I would have taken a picture of it only I got too excited and ate quickly. If I ever own a patch of outside space and a garden I’d definitely plant some.

Women’s soccer is revving up in the States again. If you have any interest in following what’s going on check out Equalizer Soccer, NWSL News, Seattle Reign, and Chicago Red Stars. I’ve stupidly moved away from a city that has a team into the underserved part of the country so I’ll probably not get to see a game in person unless it lines up during a visit to my parents. I don’t plan well.

For a bit of fun my sister and I are going back roading around Texas looking for a disbanded town that a wayward family member founded in the late 1870s and had started to disappear by the 1930s. Not a lot of my family went this direction, but the one who did was a big shot I guess. Named the town after himself and everything. We know where he is buried and there were rumors from the 1980s that some of the building foundations are visible. We are going to get our maps and picnic together and do this next weekend I think. I’m excited!

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