News from the front

A picture of me during warmer times. Last week. No really, it’s 55F out right now and was in the 80s last week. I have a blanket on me and I’ve not left the apartment. I’ve been corrupted by Texas already.

What else has gone on? I’ve been reading a bunch of Percy Jackson books. YA isn’t my thing and wasn’t even when I was a young adult, but I’ve cut off book purchases here in Texas and my sister’s apartment is as good as a library so I’m making do with what is here. It’s ok for what it is.

I caught the USWNT’s first game of the year and first game under coach Tom. Hope was out with a calf strain, but my other favorite Christen Press got her first cap and two goals. You can catch the full game below. Warning: The game was filmed by a squirrel flying a tiny helicopter. I had motion sickness by the end of it.

Field level highlights:

Hope Solo gave a nice interview before the Florida game. She seems super excited about the new coach, new player getting caps, new formations. The guy interviewing her was actually nice and as a result the interview was good. Even if she is a Man City fan.

The next game is Wednesday in Nashville streaming on


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