Spent Time Downtown


I spent an afternoon in downtown Austin with my sister. She was shopping at some hipster eye glasses store and during the afternoon we also went to Snap Kitchen and Book People.

Snap Kitchen is like an American bento shop. All the food is prepared in little boxes and refrigerated, not frozen, fresh that day. It is marketed to people looking to lose weight and keep sensible portions, but it is also nice for people like me who have celiac and have to watch what I eat. AKA: no gluten, no dairy and no corn either. Corn in particular is packed into many things it doesn’t need to be in. These ingredients are simple, pronounceable, and more importantly — clearly marked. Amen.

I bought the Ginger Glazed Chicken that came with green beans, mashed squash, and a sliver of ginger on top, some green curry for the next day, and a salad with cilantro and lime dressing. All gluten free. All dairy free. No corn because corn doesn’t need to be filler in everything.


I took this picture in the first stall of the women’s bathroom in Book People. I think it speaks for itself.


Need some hipster plastic frames? Go to Eclectic Eyewear. Prepare to be parted from your money.


I finally finished Enough: Finding More by Living with Less. It’s a nice book if you are looking to escape the rat race of Western culture and wealth and put money in the correct perspective. It was an interesting read since I am coming from the perspective of growing up poor, moving a lot, and not really comfortable with having more possessions than what could fit into one truck. Then again I’m a saver and paranoid about ending up living on the edge. I suppose a book written from that angle would have been more profound for me at least, but this one wasn’t necessarily bad.


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