Ugh, sports.

I found out yet another favorite athlete is out with injury. Let’s call them the big three because in my fandom Derrick Rose (ACL), Hope Solo (wrist ligaments/cartilage), and Lindsey Vonn (knee blowout too extensive to recount) are my big three. All out.

This time it’s Hope Solo with ligament damage in her wrist she has to have surgery on. It’s an injury she’s had since 2010 but hasn’t had a break in the WC/Olympic schedule to get it fixed. She’s just been playing through the pain and between it flaring up worse and a slight window to get the operation done the medical staff green lit it. So now she’ll miss the Algarve Cup (third most important tournament which is finally available PPV), friendlies against Germany (ugh), and the Netherlands (whatever I guess), and the pre-season for Seattle Reign which is taking place in Japan (double ugh squared), and possibly the first part of the NWSL season too.

I’m going to a Reign game in Chicago in August and she should be ok by then. The Reign might have a terrible record by that point due to numerous setbacks beyond the Hope thing, but whatever. I’ll be there anyway. They are still the prettiest team.


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