I never really regretted leaving Rockford and moving to Austin, but when you leave somewhere without exactly all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed it is like pushing off  on a raft into the ocean and aiming generally for the opposite coast. You start looking for signs along the way that you are on the right current. A dove with a sprig wouldn’t go amiss if you know what I mean.

So far my experience in Austin has been wonderful and there’s been a lot of sprigs along the way.

  • I have tickets to an early screening of the new Star Trek movie. Finally, I live in a city that gets early screenings of things. Yes, I listed this first.
  • Speaking of movies, Alamo Drafthouse is awesome.
  • Austin is way more gluten free/celiac friendly than Rockford. It wouldn’t take much, but even the attitudes are different. I told my new coworkers about my condition and instead of immediately thinking about how it might inconvenience them they asked smart questions, listened to my experience, and were supportive. No grand gestures or anything, but it was a relief the script went differently for once.
  • I have a short list of restaurants where I can eat. And while that list is under ten that’s considerably better than what I had available before. Add in options like Snap Kitchen and Austin finishes Rockford off with a roundhouse kick.
  • I got tickets to see Airborne Toxic Event and Metric coming up in May.
  • Rockford rose to number three in the Most Miserable Cities list. It had been seven. My friend C_ said that the ranking changed because I moved away. Aw. :)
  • Oh, I got a job. That’s always a good sign moving was the right thing.
  • There is good bubble tea here. That probably should have been on the top.
  • I’m looking into riding the train to work. Public transportation! I could read a book to and from work instead of trying not to commit vehicular manslaughter.

What else is going on?

TV: My favorite shows right now are The Following, Person of Interest, Elementary, The Americans, and Scandal. Community, Happy Endings, Parks and Rec, and New Girl obviously round out the comedy side of things. My favorite show of questionable quality is Nashville.

Soccer: I bought tickets to see Reign play the Red Stars in Chicago in August. Right by the goal. I can’t wait! Oh, yeah. I’m visiting my parents that week too. Overlap was completely coincidental. Yeah.

Books: I just finished Dispatches From the Edge by Anderson Cooper. I used to watch him back in the day on Channel One. Now he’s all grown up. While the parts about Katrina were certainly interesting, my political memory lives further in the past. The Bosnia portions were surreal.


4 thoughts on “Austin

  1. I’m glad we’re on the same page show-wise. Those are all my favorites right now, too: The Following, The Americans and Scandal. Subbing the others for Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Arrow though.

    And I just had boba tea for the first time on Thursday! And fried tofu! I’ve been trying new things lately. :D

    I’m glad you’re getting adjusted and liking Austin a lot. I hear it’s a great city.

    • We definitely diverge on the subs. :) It looks like the big shows line up tho. I’m glad I know someone else who watches The Americans. I’ve been pimping it, but no one is biting so far. It’s so good. I love that decade politically and the acting is excellent.

      I watch some fluff shows too. I started watching Chicago Fire since it feels like a Rookie Blue placeholder. I still watch Castle. I dropped Bones. I watch New Girl though usually late and on hulu. SMASH totally got away from me. I think Nashville fills that slot in my life better anyway. I watch OUAT, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural because my sister does. Then we got Revolution coming back. I really liked where they left it, but you never know with shows like that. I like some characters and really don’t like others and my favorite characters took until the last episode to even been in scenes together. Ugh. Hate that.

      Trying new things is great! I first had bubble tea back in 2003 at college, but then moved to Rockford where no one even knew what it was. They thought I was making it up at first. -___-, I’m glad to be back where it is super popular. The tea shop here has a zillion kinds. It’s lovely. I don’t even go to coffee shops anymore really. It’s good to have options in any case.

      Austin is great. My only regret is not moving sooner. I feel like my life is starting up again after a long long hiatus. Everyone I meet is really nice. It’s like a smog has lifted. :)

    • It is wonderful, isn’t it? I saw Argo there a while back. It’s totally worth it just to weed out the masses. Food and booze are a bonus.

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