South By

My experience with SXSW was mainly over the lunch hour while I’d wander around people watching. I didn’t buy any wristbands, get on any RSVP list, or feel like I was missing out much in the end. All these bands tour Austin anyway. This was an event for people from elsewhere to have a good week of music all in one spot. In fact most of the people I saw seemed to be beyond the domestic sphere too. I saw 4-5 Mobys, a lot of Mumfords, and a smattering of FUN lookalikes. The hipsters/square foot was thick.

I’ll be seeing Airborne Toxic Event and Metric in the traditional way later in May. I do think next year I’d want to be more involved with the Interactive portion though. That looked like it could be fun.

While walking by the river earlier in the week I ran into Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I left him alone though because I’m not a jerk. He was taller than I thought, super thin/rangy, and I didn’t notice how he smelled. That’s all I got.

The tv show Revolution had a booth for cellphone charging, unplugged games, and bike rentals. So it was pretty much useless to me. They did have these nifty wristbands though.

Here is my desk at work! Note the ponies and Korean ceramic coffee mug. The purple one is named Amethyst Star and she “loves to dance when she hears music!” Or so the trading card says. She is purple with greenish sparkles so naturally she’s the Hope Solo pony.

Mildly suicidal Han Solo.


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