Long Suffering Sigh

I walked 15 blocks there (and 15 back) over my lunch hour today to get my mashed glasses fixed up. This is what I arrived to. :(

Not to be outdone, I have found corn has been bothering me lots (swollen face among other things) so I got rid of that from my diet. Even trace amounts in soups, Coke, etc. The last few days I’ve noticed the problems returning. A light bulb went off in my head. I had run out of Boost a while back and didn’t buy more until Sunday so I had one Monday and half of one today while at work as breakfast. Sure enough Monday I had signs of problems again. I looked at my Boost…corn syrup was like the 4th ingredient. I didn’t notice because I had seen sugar listed and figured that would be the only sweet thing in there. Wrong! So I bought a $17 case of that stuff I can’t drink now. And I’m not sure what to do for breakfast instead. I had already had half of one today before I looked at the label so that got thrown out.

The Chicago Red Stars are preseasoning in Austin! I might get to go to one or more of their preseason matches here if they are open to the public. I’m so happy. I thought moving here would be like going to the middle of no where when it comes to sports, but I got lucky!


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