Car chase. Foot chase. Water rescue.

So that happened.

At work one day this week we were treated to quite the scene. We heard a terrible screeching sound and ran to the windows. A car chase that probably came off of 35  got snared in our little peninsula here.

No where to go the suspect ditched his car and ran across the lawn toward the bike trail and river. The cop cars jumped the curb and drove across the grass. A total of about ten cop cars were at the scene.

The suspect was running towards the river and I said, “He can’t be thinking of – oh, yes he did. He’s in the water.”

He got into the river with his backpack and started to swim about 15 feet out. Then he started to try to sink his bag but it floated. The cops stood on the banks and watched, guns drawn, as he flailed around. He started to swim back to them after repeat failures to escape or sink the bag, but the bank was steep and getting out of the water tough.

They ended up getting a lasso (no lie) and finally a life vest. Texas, yee-haw!

They got the backpack and had the contents emptied out on the hood of one of their vehicles. The suspect was put into the back of the car  (gently, no heads were hit on the way in) and they drove off.

While all of that paper work kind of stuff was going on more cops showed up and were enthusiastically shown reenactments by those who had seen it all.It seemed like they couldn’t believe the guy actually got in the river.


  • I finished a book on Columbus by Dugard.  Now I want to read one on Isabella. Let’s just say the paragraph my high school European history class spent on her did not do her justice. #badass
  • Hope Solo was named one of Time Magazine’s top 140 Twitter accounts to follow. That was cool. She’s still recovering from wrist surgery. She’ll be starting rehab in a week. This past week she went up to Montana to raise money for a youth soccer up there. It may not be as glamorous as Mia Hamm kicking a ball around in LA for charity, but IMO helping those “fly over” country kids is way more impactful. This is from a kid who spent time in no man’s land. Ok, enough stalking.
  • I found an apartment in my price range and in walking distance of the train station. I’m hoping when I call them tomorrow the openings declared online will be real, no where near the pool, and it will be the low end of the price range. Cross your fingers. This girl wants to stop sleeping on the floor. It’s been months. Ugh.
  • Wreck it Ralph was cute. When this happened,  “I sleep in these candy wrappers and bundle myself up like a little old lady!” my sister turned to me and said, “That’s you!” Ho, ho, ho. Eh. It’s true. -__-

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