Veronica Mars Austin Kickstarter Party


After work Friday I went to the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Countdown Party. It was fun. Got some Mars Investigation Swag (see above).  Met showrunner Rob Thomas and saw Jason Dohring who made a surprise appearance.  More importantly, I had gluten free Indian food at The Clay Pit beforehand and maybe had a religious experience from it. I can’t stop thinking about that food. Someone take me there. And pay for my meal.


My sister got to chat with Rob Thomas. I took the picture. She’s more of a fangirl than me. I’m pretty chill about such things. Chill to the point of indifference. I guess as an introvert I’m more of a watcher. I ended this party sitting outside on the curb after not feeling too great because of the crush of people and too much tandoori. Sudden claustrophobia is my bane. I’m normally ok, but the smell of smoke seems to be a trigger.


They had the kickstarter screen on a projector so we could count down to the end. Everyone there was adorable. Just a bunch of fans mingling, drinking, and watching the numbers.


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