Austin Living


I found this adorable nerd graffiti from 1984 written into some cement along the river in Austin. It would only be better if it was “Frodo Lives!”


This speaks for itself. That ad campaign from the 1980s was solid. Over 20 years later and I still did a fistpump when I saw that parked near the sketchy gas station where I buy coconut water.

What else? I’ve been adding to my list of restaurants it is safe and possibly even enjoyable for this celiac girl to eat at. Thank you Austin for taking some of the suck out of celiac.

Here’s the new list:

Wendy’s (baked potato, chocolate shake)
Chipotle (most things beyond the obvious are good)
Red Robin (meat patty/sometimes fries depending on fryer)
Rudy’s BBQ (almost everything but the pudding is fine)
The Clay Pit (I can eat 90% of the food here…I had like a religious experience here. No lie.)
Outback (steak/unseasoned veggies/baked potato)
Snap Kitchen (Stuff clearly marked gf)


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