NWSL Fantasy Team


I packed in Sky Blue and WNY Flash players since they play two games each in this cycle and look at O’Hara’s face. How can’t you pick that face? Unfortunately that made me take off some of my go to Kansas City players who all came up big tonight. Eh. This time Fishlock didn’t get a yellow but Scott committed one on her so I am screwed again. No more yellows players. You’re killing me.

Score: 54 (gdi yellow cards!… looking at you KO)

My thoughts on the Seattle Reign game:

Jess Fishlock continues to be the bright spot on the field with great effort that unfortunately doesn’t have anyone supporting on the other end. It may seem like she’s everywhere but she can’t be on the end of her own pass. We need a couple players to be more aggressive going forward while the roster is short. It’s a void that can’t just be ignored. Barnhouse (this unknown needs a NT call up, Tom) had a great save whenJess did finally get one in to Winters for their best look of the night. It’s bad when Jess and Winters are your likeliest players near the box and making things happen and this is the second game where that was the case.

Paging Kaylyn Kyle. The season has started. Three games in and I’m still waiting for that feisty player who tried to take Hope’s head off at the goal line to show up. I’ve never seen so much lollygagging and active plays being given up on. There was one point Jess sent her a perfectly weighted pass and she literally gave up on it. Even the commentators were baffled. I’d rather they install a revolving door on the field if this keeps up. NT players need to step it up.

It was unfortunate Deines got caught in the dust for that break away. Otherwise she was solid. All joking aside, I’m hoping Tom has noticed her as he’s been in attendance these last two games. Defense for set pieces still not there three games in and the keeping seems to be getting worse each game. It’s been a long away stretch for a young keeper with few goals to alleviate the pressure. I’m hoping a home stint helps with that. It would probably be nice for a new team to hear some kind of cheering going their way too. I’m tired of these away games. First home game in May? That’s the only schedule that worked? SMH

Going forward: If this were any other league they’d go out and buy a striker, but NWSL has a hard cap and stupid roster rules, stupid trade rules about allocated players, and even if you ID your problems good luck fixing them. It looks like a long trudge to June when hopefully Rapinoe and Hope are back. Reign don’t have any assets to trade and they don’t have any cap relief to add on. Hope will do them a lot of good, but Rapinoe isn’t a forward. She’ll help get a worse player off the field, but it won’t be the solution for Reign’s forward problem this season which is a shame because players are working really hard in the build up and don’t have an outlet.


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