I moved a lot since college (well, in general really) and the last three or for moves I’ve made “I’m moving” cards to send out to people to inform them of yet another address change. I enjoy doing them. This one I made and then ended up not moving so I let my sister use it when she beat me to the punch.

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I was a, um, superfan of Lost back in the day. For a number of years I’d hand draw my sister Lost themed cards featuring whatever the current theory was. My sister seems to have lost all of those, but here is one I did in Illustrator as more of an official Lost Christmas Card. It features a jungle scene with a polar bear but in the background you have a UFO, robot, and shark from the many theories that had been going around over the years.

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I have a tradition of making “I’m moving” cards for my many moves over the years. This one I made for my big move to the city. I suppose it could be reverse and a move to the countryside. I was very pleased with how these turned out.

You can buy your own set of these “I’m moving” cards at my cafepress store. You can find them on note cards like these or postcards, stickers, and other items.