Euro 2013


I finally was able to catch a Euro 2013 match with it being the weekend. I’m cheering for Lotta and Sweden of course. Lotta is my favorite striker and she and the team did  poorly in their first outing but drop kicked Finland 5-0 with Lotta getting a brace.

A cool feature to Sweden’s coverage of the game is that online you can watch a Lotta-cam where it follows her around every game. I guess you get to see everything. Even the inevitable snot rockets. Anyhow, it is geoblocked so I couldn’t watch it, but here is part of Lotta-cam for her first goal and goal celebration dance with the team. And here is the same but with the regular camera angles.

Spring TV Watch List: Vikings


This was one of those shows I came into late through social media. Between people tweeting their love and pretty tumblr pictures it was hard to ignore for long. Pretty? That was unquestionable. Good though? The History Channel was putting it on so I was worried it was going to be some kind of history-ish half drama half teachy. Nope. It is an all out drama. Thank god.

What I like about Vikings is that it is an explorers narrative but also is a look at Viking culture. What it does that doesn’t always translate on tv well is depict a living religion from history in a way that it makes sense for the characters and the community. I think the only other show I’ve seen do similar is HBOs Rome. The scope of the show is both micro and macro in that it revolves around one family, but the context is within the framework of Viking expansion and growing influence as explorers. It also does a great job at showing early egalitarianism in Viking culture that shows the early seeds of a superior egalitarian society in the region today. Shield maidens FTW!

Side note: Everyone is starting to copy the braided hairstyles shown on Vikings. Newsflash: Current Vikings are still wearing that style. It never went away.

Next up…Orphan Black