Snow! 15″ I think with 40mph gusts

This is the type of job where you have to shovel on, around and below your car. It was a joy, let me tell you. We weren’t freed from the parking lot until 4 pm.


Fringe 3×11 – Reciprocity

(—spoilers below—)

I think I liked this episode the more I thought about it. But first things first —

Rambaldi fatigue: Big ancient device? Unless it is doing good things for the characters as far as growth and drama and stuff I don’t care about it. Most of the good character stuff was triggered by Fauxlivia (can we finally stop that Bolivia crap now? The writers have spoken.). The Rambaldi device was like a big paper weight tonight. Almost wish we didn’t see it until the moment it actually gets to do something.

Characters stuff I did like:
Peter: The little family unit has done much to declaw him, but when he and his is threatened he reverts to old ways.  Peter has a history of going solo. When he felt he and his mother had been screwed over by his dad he ran away and left his dad alone in a mental institution. For years. Being lied to by Walter about his childhood made him run to another freaking universe and by doing that away from Olivia too which indicates how pissed he was. The Fauxlivia reveal screwed him up big time. He got really cold with her and threatened to do worse if Olivia was hurt. He didn’t get to act that out because she zapped home, but I think he meant it. Rambaldi machine messes with him and he goes all Dexter to get his own answers about that and Fauxlivia conning him because he doesn’t want anymore surprises.

When he gets this way, when it is a personal attack, he goes solo, doesn’t trust other people, and otherwise reverts to the pattern had plenty of time to perfect. It’s an established trait even if he has been domesticated over the last couple of years. Also, Peter likes PB&J after his shape-shifter killing sprees. Such a versatile snack.

: Maybe Peter’s numerous near death experiences and medical mysteries finally snapped her out of her funk. Or maybe reading Fauxlivia POV fan fiction did it. Either way Olivia is back to her normal self and empathizing with the victims (aka Peter) and getting proactive about it no matter what (learning about what else in her apartment she’ll have to toss). She is initiating talking to Peter about this which is new for the relationship thing though not new for her professionally. This is normal Olivia and while some wish she gave it to him more that isn’t in her nature and I’m glad she is back to her normal self and taking on other people’s burdens.

I thought she was really sweet in her own way with him and is still broken but now at least in the terms by which she can be more herself again. Also. I loved her hair tonight.

Astrid: Until she gets field certified I guess jumping on the grenade by reading Fauxlivia fan fiction so everyone else doesn’t have to will have to do. Still wish she would get out of the lab more.

Walter: Bananas, Walter? Really? Also,Walter being all “Noooooes Peter” when Peter went all Dexter on them. Hello, what do you think dear Peter was up to while you were locked up? He was up to no good is what.