Clothesline Wall Art

Here is an easily updatable wall feature for your home. You’ll need scissors, mini clothes line clips, twine, four nails, and your favorite cards/handkerchiefs or if you are really excitable – birds and softies.

There isn’t any science to this. (1) Figure out how high up the wall you want your first row to reach and nail in your first nail. I chose my eye height. I made the nail on the left to be a little lower than the nail to the right. (2) Once you take the plunge and get those first two nails in, run a line of twine loosely across them being sure to leave some sag to create a pleasant curve. We want a relaxing clothes line. Nothing taunt or tense. (3) When you get that first line up you can start on the lower line. I chose to make the nail on the left be a little higher than the one on the right, but it is really up to you how you want it to work. You need to leave a good two feet between the two rows since you’ll be having stuff hang off them and want to give them room to breathe.

(4) Next we have the fun part. Take your clips and the items you have selected and string them up. You might at first think this would only look nice with Christmas cards, but hopefully as the seasons change you’ll find other items to hang out to dry. Obviously you can’t put up anything that weighs too much or anything that has the tendency to curl in heat. I’ve typically stuck with card stock and fabric, but experiment to see what suites you the best.