Futurama Mini Figures

I picked up these two beauties at Borders today. They are kidrobot blind boxed collectibles. I picked the box that weighed the most and the one that weighed the least and this is what I turned up. Not a bad haul. I was worried I’d get Mom and Nibbler or something.


Drunken Bender

Ok, so sometimes I do this thing where I think I can do something even though I never really tried… ANYWAY, this clay bake thing is harder than it looks. Especially when you are trying to use rubber stamp carving stuff and can’t be arsed enough to get things Just So.  I used to be so OCD on stuff being Just So, but as my personality got a little better my OCD got a little less pronounced. I think I am getting less talented the more I fit in. And the more I fit in the more I find normal people are boring. Thus Drunken Bender happens. Futurama, you may be cool but the art you inspire perhaps not.