Tuesday Trio

1. Before: Revenge
A couple months ago I went on a tv binge of Revenge season one. I had ignored much of the hype while it was on, but a lot of people were talking about it and eventually I got worn down. I was going through a period of stress and nothing like giant info dumps or tv marathoning to get me out of a funk. So I watched and I loved the campy, revengy, vaguely k-drama-ish show. It seemed like they knew where they were going…all the way up to the last half of the last episode when it was like they thought, “We got renewed so we need to throw wrenches everywhere!” But I still trusted them. They plotted a season long story. Surely the could do another season.

Nope. This show fell off the cliff for me. Nolan is my only reason to keep watching and they are messing with him even. The plot is convoluted. I want things to go back to being a tight, revengy story, but they added characters and their stories and lost focus. Weeks ago I thought they would settle things down and get into a groove, but that has yet to happen.

2. Now: Revolution
This show started off slow for me. Or rather the pilot was great and then it meandered on this “have to find my brother” quest that really wasn’t a good way to start a show off. It made the least compelling character (the annoyingly golden haired, golden skinned, golden clothed girl Charlie…seriously, her coloring screams jaundice to me) the one more or less in charge of the show. The most interesting character (Miles Matheson) was stuck being the grumpy tag-a-long who has to take the brunt of her constant speeches, admonitions, and stupid plans. Bleh.

Fortunately as we got closer to the winter break more and more of each episode got better. Meaning = Less Charlie! Less Charlie and more of the adults who were the most compelling anyway. In the last episode before the break all of the interesting adults were together and I finally got to see how good this show could be. Will they realize they struck gold or will they go back to Charlie’s annoying adventures? I think that’s what the success of the show will hinge on. Getting the most compelling actors together on screen.

3. What’s to Come: The Following
Everybody’s seen the advertising for FOX’s new show The Following which comes out in January. Not everybody has read the script though. This girl has. And I can say with no reservation that out of all the pilots that have come out this season The Following is the tightest. If is shows anywhere near as well as it did on the page it will be a hit. I’m a little apprehensive of it being on FOX. It’s good enough to be on a proper cable channel. There’s two scenes in particular that make me wonder what the mainstream audience will make of it. It is more Luther than Criminal Minds for example. I love Luther so I’ll love this, but for the average American I wonder how much good TV they are capable of enjoying. FOX is giving it the best shot they can. The promos look excellent. The cast is great. Will the audience be there? Don’t fail me, America.