Local Festivals

Went to the Autumn on Parade festival today as well as the Olde English Faire at Stronghold Castle (see picture above). I went a few years ago and it was ok-ish and small and stuff, but it looks like Chicago people took it over now and now it is awesome. My only complaint was that there weren’t any girls in breeches with swords and stuff. Dresses are fine and all, but where are my Asha types, darn it?! Wait until Game of Thrones (Think The Wire or ROME set in Middle Earth) hits HBO and these Faire things will hopefully have an injection of kick-ass. Mom and I had already toured the castle before so we skipped that long line and went straight to the goodies. We looked through the booths and then watched some actors preform MacB, R+J, and Hamlet. They were fun despite a driving wind that had us pretty cold throughout. We got funnel cake after a 40 minute wait and I got to use my “we were there long enough we met the great grandparents of the cake we ate” a ridiculous number of times afterwards.

Since I am missing out on a real vacation this year I indulged in a few things. I got a chainmail bracelet ($8), knit cap ($5), book from library sale ($.50), corndog ($2), chips ($.50), dog treat for Sophie ($.75)…hm. Felt like I spent way more money than that, but I guess not. Go me? Ok, I’ll go out and get Iron Man II so it feels like I actually spent money on myself.